Aviation litigation encompasses various types of legal disputes that relate to the aviation industry. Examples of aviation litigation include:

  • Airplane and helicopter crashes
  • Product liability
  • Airport accidents
  • Airline, pilot, and flight attendant negligence
  • Wrongful removal from an aircraft
  • Racial, ethnic, or religious discrimination
  • Violation of the Air Carrier Access Act
  • Falling luggage
  • In-flight medical emergencies
  • In-flight bodily injuries
  • Sexual assaults
  • Montreal Convention cases
  • Breach of contract (violations of the airline’s “Contract of Carriage”)
  • Extreme turbulence
  • Trip-and-falls and slip-and-falls
  • Commercial disputes
  • Drone/Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV)
  • Class actions

We have significant experience in a broad range of aviation litigation matters.